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Great News!

The 2023 Virginia Egg Council sponsored recipe contest is searching for some Five Star DESSERT BAR recipes! And we know the bakers in your area have some terrific recipes that'll make for a unique and delicious competition.

Why Dessert Bars?

They are all the rage right now - from bodacious brownies, to fabulous fruit and nut bars, to tangy lemon squares, folks just love making and serving these pop-in-you-mouth treats. They can be cut into any shape, and are perfect when feeding a crowd. the possibilities are endless!!

˜ Plan now to include this contest in your fair's events ˜

Your fair's top three recipe winners will receive a gift from us AND will be eligible to compete at the finals, to be held at the State Fair of Virginia, on Saturday, Sept. 30, 2023.

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Get Crackin'!

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School Foodservice Promotion - 2022

Sponsored by the Virginia Egg Council

And the Winners Are:

1st Place

Lyles Crouch Traditional Academy, Alexandria
Laura Purdy, Foodservice Manager

2nd Place

Red Hill Elementary School, Albemarle County
Carolyn Powell, Foodservice Manager

Honorable Mention

Amherst County High School, Amherst
Mary Ann Jobe, Foodservice Manager

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State Finals Winners:

My Mom's Best Recipe (using eggs) Contest logo

Honorary Mentions

  • Non-Finalist Most Delicious
    Pauline's Black Walnut Buttermilk Pound Cake
    Marie Shiflett. (Chesterfield Co Fair)
  • Non-Finalist Most Flavorful
    Mommom's Zucchini Memorial Pie
    Michelle Moore. (Caroline Co Fair)
  • Non-Finalist Best Dessert
    Mom's Egg Custard Pie
    Carol Shaffer. (Shenandoah Co Fair)
  • Non-Finalist Best Savory Dish
    Andria's Fried Rice
    Laura O'Hara. (Chesterfield Co Fair)
  • Non-Finalist Best Presentation
    Smith Family Wisconsinite Rhubarb Puffs
    Coleen Kleveeno. (Fredericksburg AG Fair)
  • Non-Finalist Most Creative
    Mommy Millie's Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
    Sharon Printz. (Page Valley Fair)
  • Non-Finalist Most Wonderful Cake
    Shane's Blueberry Orange Pound Cake
    Christa Cash. (Shenandoah Co Fair)